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Linx Classroom Systems

A new era in education:
Flexible Learning Environments

All over the world, education systems have been shifting from traditional and teacher-centered practices where students remain passive listeners, to the concepts that put students in the center of the classrooms while providing high interaction and different activities.


Linx products have high flexibility so that the classrooms can be quickly transformed into desired designs for different classroom activities.


Academic research shows that the duration of immobility is negatively correlated with learning performance and student concentration.


Therefore it is accepted that the education activities involving interactive participation from students boost learning efficiency and help students maintain focus.

The swivel seat allows students to move throughout the classroom.


With its casters, it takes just seconds to shift between all alternative classroom layouts such as partner work, group study and discussion mode, etc; where with conventional furniture a considerable time is wasted for arrangements.

A flexible learning environment is essential for teachers to be able to answer to various needs.

School and classroom designs should be suitable for modern teaching methods that prepare students for academic success, their desired careers and 21st-century citizenship.

To support innovative teaching methods such as project-based learning or workshop practices, learning environments should be flexible and adaptable so that various learning activities can be applied simultaneously and effortlessly.

Linx Privileges

Linx is mobile and flexible. It allows to shift between various seating arrangements and learning activities easily.

Student-centered classroom environments comprise various teaching forms in order to increase the learning efficiency.

Individual Learning
One-on-One Learning
Partner Works
Small Groups
Student Presentations

Linx Products

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