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Our services

As Pikade, we adopt a service approach that can serve all kinds of architectural needs of institutions, especially furniture, and aims for personalized and 100% customer satisfaction. 

Project planning

Computer Tutorials

We carry out a comprehensive study and offer alternative designs according to the exact needs of institutions, and we undertake unique projects.

Construction &

Construction Pre-Planning

We provide project and implementation services in the field of construction and renovation to institutions that will be established from scratch or in need of renovation.

Furniture Production

Classroom Furnitures

While producing functional, aesthetic and durable furniture, we constantly expand our product portfolio by following the innovations in the world.

Turnkey Projects 

Primary School Desks

We offer turnkey projects by meeting all the installation needs of institutions and minimize the difficulties in the process.

How Do We Work?

We create alternative concepts by understanding the needs and demands of institutions in the best possible way, and offer a complete project service by providing all kinds of product groups needed in the projects.

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The first step in project work for educational institutions is a comprehensive preliminary analysis study.

In this regard, our company collects as much information as possible about the requests by holding preliminary meetings with the institution officials.

The most important topic at this point is at what educational level the institution will operate.

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High Quality Concept

The main features that every kind of furniture should have are that it should be suitable for its intended purpose, be safe for the user and be long-lasting.


As Pikade, we operate by focusing on these factors in our design and production, and we use international standards in this field.

– ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

– EN 1729-1: Furniture – Chairs and tables for educational institutions – Part 1: Functional dimensions
– EN 1729-2: Furniture – Chairs and tables for educational institutions – Part 2: Safety requirements and test methods

We apply the standards.

R&D Activities

The world of education is in constant change. The more active role educational technologies play day by day and the activities carried out in the field of innovative education systems in the world lead to traditional school furniture and educational tools becoming inadequate.

As a company, we closely follow the developments and practices in the fields of educational tools and innovative education systems in the world and carry out intensive R&D activities in order to offer innovative products and services to educational institutions.

Ergonomics Focused

The average student spends 4 hours a day sitting at school desks.


As a result, the designs of school furniture have a direct impact on the physical and mental development of students.


As Pikade, we produce school furniture that is most compatible with the physiology of students, taking into account the importance of this issue.

is our primary goal.

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